What are the requirements for address numbers?

It is strongly recommended that each home have clearly visible address numbers located near the front door or on the mailbox.  In the event of an emergency, a clearly visible address can significantly improve response time.

The Bangor Township Fire Department officer vertical or horizontal address signs for a mailbox. The cost for these is $15.00.  Please call (989) 684-8504 for more information.

The Fire Code requires 4″ tall and 1/2 ” brush stroke

The Zoning Ordinance requires 6″ tall and 1″ brush stroke for residences.

The Zoning Ordinance requires 12″ tall and 1 1/2″ brush stroke for commercial properties.

Who do I call if my ditch isn't draining?

When there has been a heavy rain, it may take a couple of days for ditches to empty. If a ditch is backed up and not draining, it may be plugged. The Bay County Road Commission may need to clean out the catch basin. Their number is (989) 686-4610.

Who do I call if my trash/recycling/yard waste wasn't picked up?

If refuse was not picked up on your regular trash day, you need to call Waste Management at 1-866-797-9018. Trash must be out prior to 7:00 a.m. on your trash day. If you have a large item, you need to call Waste Management ahead of time.

Where do I report a streetlight out?

You need to call Consumers Energy at 1-800-477-5050 to report a streetlight out. You can also go online to to report a streetlight out. On occasion, Bay City Light Department may service your streetlights, you can reach them at (989) 894-8352.

How do I become more involved in the Township?

Bangor Township has several Commissions, Boards and Committees to which people are appointed. The Township Supervisor makes a recommendation to the Township Board for their approval. Some of these are paid appointments, some are volunteer. From time to time, there are vacancies that need to be filled. If you would like to be considered, please submit a letter of interest to the Township Supervisor. Please include all necessary contact information, what committee(s) you may be interested in, as well as, any particular educational, occupational or personal experience you might have that may contribute to the position. When an opening occurs, all applicants on file will be considered. The applications/resumes are kept on file for two (2) years.

The Township also accepts applications for Paid On-call Fire Fighters. Contact the Fire Chief for more information (989) 684-8504. Township Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and we encourage everyone to attend.

Township Information

Contact Us:

180 State Park Drive, Bay City, Michigan  48706

(989) 684-8931

Supervisor - Glenn Rowley                         Clerk - Dawn Bublitz                         Treasurer - Karie Wardynski




A boat launch access site is located at 1600 Martin Street, Bay City.

Annual and daily passes are available. 

Daily Parking/Boat Launch……………………………………………………………. $5.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Bangor Township Resident)………………………… $25.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Non Bangor Township Resident)…………………… $35.00

For additional information call 989-684-8531.