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Blight Complaints

Junk Motor Vehicles

The Township Blight Control Ordinance defines a junk motor vehicle as “any vehicle…not licensed to use upon the highways of the State of Michigan…and…whether licensed or not, any motor vehicle which is not inoperative for any reason for a period in excess of 60 days…” Exterior storage of junk motor vehicles is prohibited on any private property in the Township except upon the premises of a properly zoned, legally operating and approved auto parts dealer, auto repair garage, or wrecker business. Available alternatives include storage within a completely enclosed building, offsite in an approved storage facility, or disposal within an approved facility.


Open Burning & Yard Waste

Effective March 28, 1995, State Law prohibits the open burning of grass clippings and leaves in any municipality having a population of 7,500 or more including Bangor Township. State Law also prohibits the disposal of leaves or yard waste in public waterways, including the Kawkawlin River and Saginaw Bay. Violations of this law must be reported to a law enforcement agency, such as the Bay County Sheriff or State Police.

As an alternative to burning, the Township offers a yard waste collection weekly from the first pickup day in April through the last pickup day in November. Waste Management collects appropriately marked and acceptable containers of compost materials and bundled limbs of up to 2 inches in diameter and up to 4 feet long. Questions concerning yard waste pickup may be directed to the Township Supervisor’s Office at (989) 684-9831 or Waste Management at (800) 866-629-6902.


Residential Rental Property Registration & Inspection

The Township has adopted a Property Maintenance Code in order to assure that occupants of rental housing are assured quality housing, that property owners are encouraged to maintain their properties free of hazardous conditions that might expose them to liability if left unchecked, and that the appearance and value of neighborhoods in the community are improved. In order to provide for the minimum standards for the occupancy, repair, alteration, maintenance and operations of buildings and structures within the Township, this Code requires certain rental housing units to be registered and inspected annually.


Noxious Weeds & Tall Grass

Township ordinances prohibits the growth of noxious weeds within 165′ of the road fronting a parcel of property. Within this 165′ area, properties must be maintained free from weeds or plant growth over 10″ in height except trees, shrubs, and cultivated flowers and gardens.

Recreational Vehicles & Equipment

In order to provide for the public health and safety and maintain the clean, neat appearance of neighborhoods, the Township Zoning Ordinance regulates the parking and storage of recreation vehicles and equipment. Permanent utility connections are prohibited, and recreational vehicles may not be used for living or housekeeping purposes. Outside parking or storage must be in the side or rear yard of the lot and may not be within a required setback area. Recreational vehicles and equipment may be parked anywhere on the premises for loading and unloading purposes for up to 48 hours. Recreational vehicles must be maintained in good repair and carry a current year’s license and/or registration. Front yard parking or storage is permitted on waterfront lots only provided such parking or storage is no closer than 10′ to any adjacent property dwelling.

Street Numbers

When tragedy strikes and seconds count, it is important that emergency service providers (police, fire and medical) are able to immediately identify the property involved in the emergency. The Township’s Property Maintenance Code required each parcel of land on which there is a structure to which a street number has been assigned to have this number displayed in a position easily observed and readable from the public way. All numbers are required to be in Arabic numerals at least 3″ high and 1/2″ stroke. Though not mandated by this Ordinance, it is recommended that the numbers also be of contrasting color to the surface on which they are mounted. Reflective numbers can also help to identify your property at night when it is difficult to see.


Neighbor Disputes

The Code Enforcement Department is charged with enforcement of all Township Ordinances that have been adopted to promote the health, safety and welfare of the community. On occasion, this office is called upon to resolve disagreements between residents and their neighbors. Unfortunately, it is often the case that complaints received by this office that are the results of neighbors disputes have no basis in law or are civil matters over which the Township has no jurisdiction.

While it is the Township’s responsibility to ensure compliance with Township ordinances, there is no clear obligation for the Township to get involved in civil disputes or cases where neighbors simply do not get along. Though the Township makes every reasonable effort to assist or advise residents who call upon this office, you should seek professional consultation to resolve conflicts.

If you are in doubt as to whether the Township can assist you with your complaint, you are encouraged to direct your inquiry to the Code Enforcement Officer at (989) 684-5427.

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A boat launch access site is located at 1600 Martin Street, Bay City.

Annual and daily passes are available. 

Daily Parking/Boat Launch……………………………………………………………. $5.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Bangor Township Resident)………………………… $25.00
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