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Recreation Equipment


Excerpts from Bangor Township Zoning Ordinance #300,
as amended
Article 5.00

Section 5.15 Storage Of Recreational Equipment

Storage Of Recreational Equipment Any owner of camping and recreational equipment may park or store such equipment on residentially used property subject to the following conditions:

A. Recreational equipment parked or stored shall not have fixed connections to electricity, water, gas or sanitary sewer facilities, and at no time shall this equipment be used for living or housekeeping purposes.

B. If the camping and recreational equipment is parked or stored outside of a garage for more than forty-eight (48) hours, it shall be parked or stored in the side or rear yard of the lot (except waterfront lots) and shall not be located closer than ten (10) feet to a side or rear property line. On waterfront lots, recreational vehicles shall be stored only in the front yard and shall not be located closer than ten (10) feet of a dwelling located on an adjacent lot. (amended 10/10/06)

C. Notwithstanding the above provisions, camping and recreational equipment may be parked anywhere on the premises for loading or unloading purposes, for a period of not more than forty-eight (48) hours within a seven (7) day period.

D. All recreational equipment must be kept in good repair and carry a current year’s license and/or registration. Motor vehicles requiring a vehicle registration and license to move on the public roads must be kept in good running condition, capable of operation as licensed and maintained with a current registration and license for operation in the name of the occupant of the dwelling unit where the vehicle is stored.

E. A mobile home as defined in Article 3.00 shall not be construed to be a recreational vehicle and shall not be permitted to be stored in accordance with these provisions.

F. The provisions concerning connection to utilities, use as living quarters, and location may be waived for a period of up to two weeks to permit repair of the occupant’s equipment or to permit the parking of a recreation vehicle for a guest. Permits for any such waiver shall be obtained from the Building Official. No more than two (2) permits shall be issued for each activity per calendar year. (amended 01/07/08)

G. Recreational vehicles shall not be parked for more than forty-eight (48) hours within any multiple family residential complex.

H. Parking spaces designed for use by recreational vehicles shall be less than twelve (12) feet wide and no more than fifty feet in length.

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A boat launch access site is located at 1600 Martin Street, Bay City.

Annual and daily passes are available. 

Daily Parking/Boat Launch……………………………………………………………. $5.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Bangor Township Resident)………………………… $25.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Non Bangor Township Resident)…………………… $35.00

For additional information call 989-684-8531.