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Tax Information

Winter Taxes

Taxes are due and payable from December 1st until the following February 14th.  Depending on which day of the week February 14th falls on each year, the last day to pay winter taxes without penalty may be adjusted.  Please refer to your tax bill for the actual due date.  Penalty begins immediately following the due date.

Property Tax Escrow

Every July and December, property owners receive their tax bill in the mail.  Some owners may have their property taxes escrowed within their mortgage payment.  If requested by the escrow agent, the Township will provide them the appropriate tax amount.  However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that their taxes are paid in full.

Last Day to Pay Yearly Taxes at the Township

Yearly property tax rolls are closed on the last day of February every year.  Any unpaid real estate taxes are then turned over to the Bay County Treasurer for collection.

Can I Pay my Taxes with a Credit Card?

Yes, credit/debit cards can be used to pay taxes in person, online, or over the phone. There is a processing fee charged by our third-party processor.  The fee is 3.00% of the transaction with a $2.00 minimum.  You can also authorize a debit directly from your account.  The fee for a pre-authorized debit transaction is $3.00 for amounts under $10,000 and $10.00 for anything over $10,000.  You will need to create a sign on through our website to access your tax information and payment button will be available there the first day of collection for that tax season.

Please contact the office of the Treasurer at (989) 684-8531 if you have any questions.

180 State Park Dr.
Bay City, MI 48706

(989) 684-8931
Glenn Rowley

(989) 684-8041
Dawn Bublitz

(989) 684-8531
Karie Wardynski

Township Trustees
Trustee Tim Banaszak
Trustee Tracy Koch
Trustee Colleen Maillette
Trustee Brian Taylor

Building Department:
(989) 684-5427

Assessing Office:
(989) 684-7100

Township Information

Contact Us:

180 State Park Drive, Bay City, Michigan  48706

Supervisor - Glenn Rowley                         Clerk - Dawn Bublitz                         Treasurer - Karie Wardynski



Upcoming Meetings:                

  Township Board -  May 11, 2021           

Planning Commission - April 28, 2021          Zoning Board of Appeals - April 20, 2021




A boat launch access site is located at 1600 Martin Street, Bay City.

Annual and daily passes are available. 

Daily Parking/Boat Launch……………………………………………………………. $5.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Bangor Township Resident)………………………… $25.00
Annual Boat Launch Pass (Non Bangor Township Resident)…………………… $35.00

For additional information call 989-684-8531.