Bangor Township – Bay County, MI

Bangor Township, Established 1859. A Shore Line Community.


Supervisor's Office

Contact Information

Glenn Rowley


Barbara Potts

Administrative Assistant

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Township Board Chairperson
  • Personnel Director
  • Township Spokesperson and Public Representative
  • Township Legal Agent
  • Recommends appointments to all Township Committees
  • Chief Enforcement Officer of all laws and Township ordinances
  • Ex-Officio Member of all committees of the Township Board
  • Prepare and administer Township budget annually
  • Responsible to manage the buildings, grounds and all property of the Township
  • Chief Administrator over all Township departments excluding those that are the authority of the Township Clerk or Treasurer or delegated to those offices by the Bangor Township Board
  • Ombudsman regarding Township complaints and other matters
  • Supervise all infrastructure and private utility projects including roads, drainage, water and sewer
  • Implement or recommend policies and ordinances for efficient management of the Township and its services