Bangor Township – Bay County, MI

Bangor Township, Established 1859. A Shore Line Community.


Treasurer's Office

Contact Information

Karie Wardynski


Lorraine Seymour

Deputy Treasurer

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties of the Treasurer

  • The Township Treasurer collects, receipts and deposits all Township revenue
  • Invests all Township surplus funds so monies are safe and available when needed and manages all Township debt service accounts
  • Administrator for the tax rolls, including bill preparation, collections and distribution of property taxes, captures DDA revenues, industrial facilities taxes, and payment in lieu of taxes
  • Maintains the delinquent personal property tax rolls for collections and distribution
  • Assists with any special assessment districts from creation to collection
  • Information Systems is also another major responsibility for the Treasurer

Board & Committee Assignments

  • Township Board of Trustees
  • Chairperson of the Department of Public Works Committee
  • Downtown Development Authority Treasurer
  • Chairperson of the Fire Department Infrastructure Committee

Tax Information

Summer Taxes

Taxes are due and payable from July 1st until September 14th. Depending on which day of the week September 14th falls on each year, the last day to pay summer taxes without penalty may be adjusted. Please refer to your tax bill for the actual due date. Penalty begins immediately following the due date.

Winter Taxes

Taxes are due and payable from December 1st until the following February 14th. Depending on which day of the week February 14th falls on each year, the last day to pay winter taxes without penalty may be adjusted. Please refer to your tax bill for the actual due date. Penalty begins immediately following the due date.

Property Tax Escrow

Every July and December, property owners receive their tax bill in the mail. Some owners may have their property taxes escrowed within their mortgage payment. If requested by the escrow agent, the Township will provide them the appropriate tax amount. However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that their taxes are paid in full.

Last Day to Pay Yearly Taxes at the Township

Yearly property tax rolls are closed on the last day of February every year. Any unpaid real estate taxes are then turned over to the Bay County Treasurer for collection.

Can I Pay My Taxes with a Credit Card?

Yes, credit/debit cards can be used to pay taxes in person, online, or over the phone. There is a processing fee charged by our third-party processor. The fee is 3.00% of the transaction with a $2.00 minimum. You can also authorize a debit directly from your account. The fee for a pre-authorized debit transaction is $3.00 for amounts under $10,000 and $10.00 for anything over $10,000. You will need to create a sign on through our website to access your tax information and payment button will be available there the first day of collection for that tax season.

Please contact the office of the Treasurer at (989) 684-8531 if you have any questions.

Dog Licenses

Animal licenses are renewed based on the rabies vaccination expiration date. Bay County will mail renewal forms prior to the new renewal date. The Township will sell licenses year round, along with: Bay County Animal Control and the Bay County Treasurer’s Office. You must have your remittance and the current rabies vaccination certificate, if needed, to obtain a license for your dog or cat.

For spayed/neutered dogs and cats the license fee is $12.00 for 1 year, $30.00 for 3 years.

For unaltered pets the license fee is $34.00 for 1 year, $80.00 for 3 years.

Delinquent licenses will also include a $20.00 late fee.

When paying at the Bangor Township Treasurer’s Office, please make checks payable to Bangor Township Treasurer.

Cost Recovery, Fee Schedule - EMS

The Township shall be authorized to collect fees for services according to the following schedule:

1. Motor Vehicle Fee. For each Township owned emergency motor vehicle used in providing emergency services the following charges shall apply.

Apparatus                      per hour
Rescue                           $150
Engine                            $250
Aerial                              $300
Support Vehicle            $100

2. Personnel Fee. Personnel cost (other than on-duty staff) will be charged at the average wage rate, including benefits, as determined by the Township Clerk. The average will be computed on an annual basis.

3. Vehicle Extrication Fee. A charge of $500.00 for motor vehicle accidents that require the use of specialized tools such as the Jaws of Life to free an entrapped patient or patients from their damaged vehicle.

4. Other Fees. Other fees shall include: the actual cost of any disposable supplies and materials used in providing an emergency service; the actual cost of renting or leasing any special equipment used in providing an emergency service; the replacement cost of any Township owned supplies and equipment damaged, lost or destroyed in providing an emergency service; the actual cost of any special consulting and technical services and/or laboratory costs incurred in providing an emergency service; the actual cost of any specialized services used in providing an emergency service; and, any actual costs incurred in preparing for, or evaluating an event subject to this ordinance.

5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this subsection, so long as a Fire Operating Millage is collected on the tax roll, residential fires shall have no charge. A residential fire is a fire occurring on a parcel of land with either a single-family, two-family or three-family residence thereon within Bangor Township. This residential waiver shall be void and the Township shall retain the right to charge if the fire is due to an unpermitted bonfire or other illegal activity.

6. In the event that the total number of hours spent in providing an emergency service does not exceed one then there shall be no charge for the Township providing such emergency service.

7. Exemption. Emergency services provided to Township owned property shall be exempt from all of the charges authorized in this subsection.

8. All costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance shall become due within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the statement, unless an appeal is pending.


Deferment of Summer Taxes

Qualified taxpayers may claim a deferment upon filing an application form with the Township Treasurer. This deferment must be filed by September 15th each year. Summer and winter taxes would then become due and payable without penalty or interest until February 14th of the following year. The application can be picked up at the Bangor Township Treasurer’s Office or you can fill out and print the following form.

Qualifying Tax Payers Are Defined As:

The Michigan General Property Tax Act has been amended with Public Act 24 of 2005 to allow certain citizens, including senior citizens, veterans and persons with disabilities, to defer their summer property taxes if they have a household income below $40,000.

To qualify for the deferment under the new qualifying income limit, a township resident must meet one or more of the following conditions as defined by the State Income Tax Act:

  • Is a totally and permanently disabled person, blind person, paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, eligible service person, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower.
  • Is 62 years of age or older, including the unmarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death.